New stones for June

I have put up 8 new zircons on to the site.

Also new types are 2 very good dolomites, a serindibite and some new Sphenes.

Special stones are very clean Aquamarine, Kunzite an Orthoclase and three large colourful topazes.

Also a small Herderite, A light pink Scapolite and a clean violet scapolite.

Lastly a great green Prehnite, untreated and good clarity.

New March Stones

A new Kyanite, Confetti Tourmaline, 2 Andalusites both top class stones

A Bytownite and my last Diaspore, good colour change.

A vivid blue Zircon, a terrific limonite Topaz and a really beautiful blue Scapolite round from Burma

A really rare orangey brown Tourmaline from Burma, very nice unusual cut and very attractive.

Also a nice new baguette Tourmaline.

Lastly a collector Chrome Dravite, nice gem

New stones for February

I have 26 new stones to put on the site over the next week.

Zircons, Scheelite, Pargasite, Orange Kyanites as well as good blue stones, A very rare Sellaite, red Andesines etc

First off there are two rare Natrolites, the larger 3.80ct is a real top collector stone while the 3.40ct stone, being very lightly included, is more affordable.   Both good collector stones

New Stones November 2018

Three new rare stones

An Alexandrite with very good colour change from green to purple. Small but bright gem

A new Powellite, 1.26ct with a light yellow colour. Very low price. The other Powellite has been reduced in price.

A new Phosgenite, pink brown, very attractive colour and very rare. Also low price. The other Powellite has also been reduced in price

14 New recut gems

14 Totally recut gems with no windows or scratches.

All with certificates from French Lab in Sri Lanka where the stones were recut by Crescent Gems

Beryl, Morganite, Light blue large Aquamarine, a Diaspore, Large Vietnamese Peridot

2 big Labradorites, Chrysoberyl, a nice Scapolite and two very bright Zircons

All very reasonably priced

New stones - all recut

I have added 23 stones all of which have been recut by the craftsman at Crescent Gems in Sri Lanka.

All The stones had significant windows which have been eliminated and there are no nicks or scratches. The stones have been certified by French Lab in Colombo

Varieties include Peridot, Phanakite, nice orange Hessonite, Herderite, Euclase, Morganite, several nice Sillimanites, Amblygonite, Beryl and Apatite. Lastly a rare certified Labradorite is on offer.

New this Week

Large clean colourless Orthoclase - perfect cutting

Nice Yellow Microlite 0.6ct large for the species

A nice Peridot, two Kornerupines, some more Apatites and a bright little Chrysoberyl

2018 New stones - open here

I have added a number of new stones

Three diaspore - much better colour than photos show

brown idocrase, a nice blue sodalite, sillimanite, various beryls, ambygonites, ametrine.

Also two nice axinites and an eye clean johachidolite.

I will be adding more stones in the next week


Several new stones - click here

I have added some nice tenebrescent facetted Hackmanites. They show goodchange to blue when held under sw uv light.

A new Epidote, a 26ct clean green Enstatite, two clear facetted colourless sodalites and best of all, three new colorless certificated Forsterites, very rare gems

I have reduced prices on some more expensive stobes as well

New Stones Listed

I have added a number of new stones to the site.

There are two pallasitic peridots which I have heavily discounted and I am selling at a loss. Both very good gems and far better quality than many I have seen.

I have listed two rare moonstones from Zambia being identified as being close to the line between andesine and labradorite feldspars. Excellent silver shiller. These stones are rare over 1 carat. Also there are 10 coloured moonstones from Burma, all facetted and showing a good colour flash across the crown.

Also a number of orangey brown Pargasites from Africa are added as well as a really beautifully cut silver topaz from Spitzkoppe in Namibia. This topaz has a silvery lustre unlike any other topaz and is extremely attractive and bright. The purchaser will not be disappointed.

New gems for the collector -- open here

I have added a number of new species to the site as well as other examples of existing stones.

 For the inclusion lovers - Epidote in quartz, brookite in quartz, lepidocrocite, blue fluorite in quartz and though a common stone, a rulilated quartz which is facetted and is really beautiful. large size as well. Far better than most.

There are some new bastnasites including a colour change stone that was actually featured in the Gems & Gemolgy magazine.

A colour shift prehnite facetted and has a green to yellow change under different lights, quite rare.

Finally a nice golden beryl 31.86ct, no window and a lovely gem.

I will be adding a few more gems in the next week


We are back in business - Operation went well

I am home again from the hip transplant.

Many thanks for the best wishes sent by many customers.

Everthing went well at the hospital and I wasn'ta candididate for the latest tome   of Medicine's Greatest Mistakes, a copy of which I saw in my doctors waiting room several months ago.

I look forward to hearing from interested collectors and being able to answer any questions someone might have.



Site off line from 23 May to 2 June

I wil be having a hip replacement operation in Cairns on 23 May so I will be unable

to look after the site or answer emails during this time. Please email me before 20 May if you have any requests or want to purchase a stone.

After June 2, I can answer emails and my wife can handle post officedespatches.

I wish to thank all my customers who have supported me avover the couple of years




New stones - click here

14 tourmalines and a large scapolite. All have been recently recut so there are no windows, nicks or scratches.

What may appear to be inclusions in some photos are not, some stones were not properly cleaned before photographing. The cutting is very good and the stones bright and attractive

Very competitive prices with carat prices below $25

For I week only - 15% off all clinohumites

I have a number of beautiful clinohumites waiting for photographing so I can put them up on my site. I would like to stir interest in this variety as they are not common, colorful and hard enough to wear in jewellery. The stones viewed on the site are of the best quality and color.

These stones were bought immediately after cutting so there are no nicks or scratches and the cutting is excellent. Many have certificates.


Remember - I will consider offers on any of my stones especially the rarer more expensive varieties