Bastnasite 3.22 Ct Orange brown

Bastnasite 3.22ct American Thai 1.jpg
BAS 005 A.jpg
Bastnasite 3.22ct American Thai 1.jpg
BAS 005 A.jpg

Bastnasite 3.22 Ct Orange brown


Cat No                                                              BAS 005

Weight:                                                             3.22 ct

Gem Type:                                                       Natural Bastnasite

Shape:                                                               Oval

Size/mm:                                                           9.4 x 7.4 x 4.9

Colour:                                                             Red orange brown

Clarity:                                                             Eye clean

Lustre:                                                              Brilliant

Origin:                                                              Zegi Pakistan

Treatment:                                                       None

Price US$                                                         300.00


Well cut gem with no nicks or scratches.

Comes with a short certificate from AIGS in Bangkok.



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