Remondite 0.74ct Colour change

Remondite 0.74ct Rock Logic.jpg
Remondite 0.74ct Rock Logic.jpg

Remondite 0.74ct Colour change


Cat No                                                              REM 001

Weight:                                                             0.74 ct

Gem Type:                                                       Natural Remondite

Shape:                                                               Emerald

Size/mm:                                                           5.7 x 3.9 x 3.7 mm

Colour:                                                             Greenish yellow orange

Clarity:                                                             Eye clean

Lustre:                                                              Very good

Origin:                                                              St Hilaire Canada

Treatment:                                                       None

Ptice US$                                                          750.00

Very rare stone especially as it is clean.

Colour change from greenish yellow in daylight to orange in incandescent light.


Comes with a full certificate from GIT in Bangkok


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