Hackmanite 6.08 Ct Grey to Violet

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Hackmanite 6.08 Ct Grey to Violet


Cat No                                                              HAK 008

Weight:                                                             6.08 ct

Gem Type:                                                       Natural Hackmanite

Shape:                                                               Cushion cabachon

Size/mm:                                                           12.6 x 11.9 x 5.5

Colour:                                                             Grey

Clarity:                                                             Translucent

Lustre:                                                              Brilliant

Origin:                                                              Burma

Treatment:                                                       None

Price US$                                                         220.00


Tenesbrescent. After a few minutes exposure to direct sunlight or short wave UV light, the stone changes from grey to medium dark purple

Photos shows the gem in its charged and semi-charged states

Orange fluorescence in long wave UV light.
Very strong change on UV exposure.

No cracks or fractures. Not treated in any way.


Comes with a short certificate from AIGS in Bangkok

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