Epidote 2.32 ct Green yellow

Epidote  2.32ct A1Gems 1a.jpg
Epidote  2.32ct A1Gems 2a.jpeg
Epidote  2.32ct A1Gems 1a.jpg
Epidote  2.32ct A1Gems 2a.jpeg
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Epidote 2.32 ct Green yellow


Cat No                                                              EPI 004

Weight:                                                             2.32 ct

Gem Type:                                                       Natural Epidote

Shape:                                                               Radiant octagon

Size/mm:                                                           7.0 x 6.4 x 5.5 mm

Colour:                                                             Green yellow

Clarity:                                                             Nearly eye clean

Lustre:                                                              Very bright

Origin:                                                              Afghanistan

Treatment:                                                       None

Price US$                                                         66.00

A dichroic green and yellow gem.

Very clean and especially clear for the species. Most Epidotes are a dull olive green with poor transparency.


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